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About Ace Financial Advisory Ltd

Ace Financial Advisory are developing an Islamic sharia compliant fully fledged Islamic Financial Services Company providing Fund Management Services operating Islamic Sharia Compliant Funds (Licensed with Capital Markets Authority), Investment Adviser (Licensed with Capital Markets Authority), Islamic Sharia Compliant Retirement Benefit Plan Administration and Fund Management (Licensed by Retirement Benefit Authority), REIT Manager (Islamic Sharia Compliant and Licensed by Capital Markets Authority). Provide Integrated Personal Financial Planning Services using financial products from Islamic Sharia Compliant market intermediaries.


§  Manage Contracted out NSSF Tier II Funds

§  Advice National & County Government in raising finance via Sukuk

§  Promote Companies to list on NSE, especially GEMS segment

§  Fund Management for RBA approved Retirement Benefit Plans

§  Set up and manage Islamic Sharia Compliant Collective Investment Schemes like Unit Trust, Mutual Funds.

§  Promote Islamic Real Estate Investment Trusts.

§  Wealth Management and Personal Financial Planning for Individuals and SME owners, using existing Islamic Home Finance, Life, Accident and health Takaful, and investment products.



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